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 Title |  [HGU] 2018 Spring UUOOI schedule
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:37 am
Greetings from Handong Global University!

We would like to introduce to you an UNESCO-UNITWIN grant program,
UNESCO-UNITWIN OCW/OER Initiative (UUOOI), sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.

We encourage you and other faculty members at your institution to take part in.

The purpose of this initiative is to make individual scholar's lecture material (either in a form of text, audio, or video) open to the public in order to increase access to quality educational material for everyone including those who do not or cannot enjoy the privilege of formal education.

Through this initiative, not only people in your nation will become the direct beneficiaries, but we also expect other three things.

- Capacity building: Participating faculty will have a better understanding of digital media and teaching, leading to enhancement in teaching.

- Global benefits: Open contents created through the initiative will benefit not only the students at participating institutions but also other teachers, students and self-learners from all over the world.

- Networking and collaboration: Participating faculty’s involvement with the OER (Online Educational Resources) community will enable them to access and exchange ideas with colleagues from universities around the world.

You can apply this program from Feb.13th to Feb.27th on website, www.uuooi.org

You should apply your own lectures and that lectures have to be a new one!

However, if you have only uploaded your lecture note previously, you may upload an audio or a video of your lecture note additionally this time.

In this case, we supply the grant according to the differential amount.

For example, if we have supplied for the 3 credit Economics lecture note ($600) last term already, and if you upload the video file for the same Economics lecture ($1,500) this term, we supply $900 additionally, which is the differential amount.

Also, we encourage you to invite other professors in your university or those in other universities to the UUOOI program as well for active participation among professors.

We attached the UUOOI Leaflet.

We believe this will a great opportunity for you and your institution, and we again encourage your participation.

Sincerely Yours,


Application due date: 28th February

Acceptance notification: 19th March

1st produce and upload educational materials' due date: 16th April

1st grant of support fund(40%): 30th April

2nd produce and upload educational materials' due date: 8th June

Final evaluation: 15th June

2nd grant of support fund(60%) & Finish: 30th June
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